You could soon carry your own food items to multiplexes and watch a movie!

If you are stopped at a theatre from carrying food items, you can complain to the consumer forum


Planning a movie is not an easy task as we end up spending more. To add on to our misery, we are not even allowed to carry our own food items inside the theatre. Buying something to eat in the theatre definitely burns a hole in your pocket when you pay INR 200 for a small tub of popcorn.

But now the picture will change as henceforth if any theatre stops you from carrying food items, you can complain about the same to the consumer court.

First of all, we are not allowed to carry food items and second of all, what they sell in theatres is double the price of what we buy outside. Under such circumstances, people should complain, so that we can take a follow-up of it. We will ask the state government to bring in law for the same,” Advocate Ashish Deshpande, Chairman, Mumbai Grahak Panchayat.

Deshpande added that the theatre does not have the right to stop people from carrying food items inside.

Where should you complain?

If theatres don’t allow you to carry food items or if you think that you are paying more than the MRP then you can complain about it to the District Legal Department and the consumer forum.

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