CM directs District Collectors to control crowd and gatherings ahead of the third wave

Instructions were given to the government officials and teams keeping the current second wave patterns in mind. CM referred to the guidelines given by WHO and the central government to curb COVID-19 spread in the third wave.

CM directs District Collectors to control crowd and gatherings ahead of the third wave

Mumbai witnessed a surge in cases during the second wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) spread and the government has repeatedly reminded the people that the wave has not yet subsided in Maharashtra. On the other hand, experts across the country have warned about the possibility of a third COVID wave which is likely to affect the children. 

However, with decrease in the number of cases, the government has permitted some relaxations across Maharashtra, due to which many districts have witnessed a rise in crowd at public places

Expressing concern regarding the same, Maharashtra state Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that if the intensity of the third wave has to be controlled and reduced, then the crowd at public places should be stopped immediately. He instructed the District Collectors and other government officials while interacting with all the Divisional Commissioners, Collectors, Municipal Commissioners, Police Officers as well as some representatives of the industry via an online meeting. 

Sharing more information, he said that the state controlled the first and second waves successfully, however, the third wave is expected soon and the cases from the second wave have to subside. Although the number of cases are decreasing, the tally is still stable at 8,500 to 9,000 cases and has not reduced further. Observing this pattern, the department needs to work harder to prevent the third wave from occurring between the second and third waves, and the officials have to work towards a strategy to reduce the intensity of the predicted wave. 

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He also instructed the District Collector to increase the COVID RT-PCR tests in the state and stop the crowds at tourist spots immediately. Strict  rules and guidelines have been imposed across Maharashtra where under no circumstances should public places be crowded. Moreover, people walking on the streets should wear masks and follow the COVID-19 rules at all times. Officials have been directed to mark areas with increasing cases as containment zones.

CM also suggested that the efforts should be made to ensure that the cases in towns and villages are also under control. Emphasis was also given on expediting genome sequencing to understand the cases and developing strains.

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So far, the state has set  a record by vaccinating 8 lakh people in a day, however, the unavailability of vaccines has been reported repeatedly. He encouraged the citizens to get vaccinated on time. Maharashtra currently tops the list with most vaccines administered in India. Many have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccines (Covishield, Covaxin or Sputnik V), however, the state health department has been working towards procuring more vaccines to ensure all the citizens are vaccinated in the state. 

However, concerns have increased for the government as many citizens have not even received the first dose yet. The state has reported the outbreak of delta variant and the predicted third wave, and understand the same, CM has asked the officials to impose strict restrictions across Maharashtra to curb the spread further. 

WHO recently shared information regarding the third wave across the world and referring to the same, CM said that several countries like Britain are witnessing a rise in cases despite the vaccination and hence, strictly adhering to the COVID-19 rules has to made mandatory. not just for the time being, but for the next year or two, as this will help in controlling COVID even in the future. 

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Meanwhile, the central government  issued similar instructions to all the states regarding the third wave. State government have been asked to work towards healthcare facilities and improve the availability  for the future. Maharashtra currently produces 1300 MT of oxygen, and in the second COVID wave, the state demanded the same to be increased to 1750 MT, which meant that approximately 500 to 550 MT of oxygen was received from other states. However, the COVID-19 case tally for the third wave is estimated to be up to 60 lakh, basis which Maharashtra would need 4,000 to 4,500 MT of oxygen per day. Keeping this situation in mind, CM has asked the health department to improve the oxygen production in the state and also fill the reserves to full capacity. Directions have been given to generate 3,000 MT of oxygen per day in any case.

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