Water in Mumbai to take a price hike

    Water in Mumbai to take a price hike
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    Water which is provided by the Municipal Corporation could see a change in pricing. It is expected to take a 5.5 per cent hike. This change in pricing will be activated June 16 onwards. For every 1000 litre of water, INR 0.19 to 0.24 increase is to be expected.

    Opposition parties protested strongly against this decision during the Standing Committee meeting.

    The proposal had been tabled before the standing committee just as information for the members of the standing committee and the general body had passed a resolution back in 2012 authorising the administration to hike the water charges up to 8 per cent annually.

    The applicable rates will be:-

    Domestic users like slums will increase from INR 3.24 to INR 3.49 per 1000 litres

    Societies and buildings will be revised from INR 4.32 to INR 4.66 per 1000 litres

    Non-domestic users like non-trading institutions will be charged INR 18.66

    Commercial institutions will be INR 34.99

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