Want trees, Go to forest – High Court

    Want trees, Go to forest – High Court
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    If the tree is not cut, then how will the Metro 3 be built? How to prevent train accidents? These questions were asked by the court on Wednesday from a petitioner. At the same time, the court told the petitioners that if you want a tree then go to the forest.

    In fact, the environment-friendly group had approached the court against the government's move to protest against the cutting of trees for Metro 3 work. The hearing was on Wednesday, the wherein court announced that the court will decide in coming two days. Earlier, the court had ordered not to cut the tree, after which work has been stopped for the last several days. After which MMRC demanded the removal of this ban from the court by this order.

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    So the same petitioner Joru Bathena says that if he didn’t get the favourable decision from the High Court, he will knock the doors of the Supreme Court.

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