BMC fails in razing illegal structures, puts Mumbaikars lives at stake

BMC fails in razing illegal structures, puts Mumbaikars lives at stake

Mumbai city is growing day by day; be it for the city's population or infrastructure. It is changing in its every form. As people throng Mumbai from various cities, developers and builders find a reason to construct new buildings. So, some of them violate norms and construct illegal buildings, while some follow rules. However, as per the recent repoty, the number of illegal buildings outnumber legal buildings.

Illegal buildings have created a havoc in the city as many have lost their closed ones owing to the same. Many of them have collapsed due to poor infrastructure. Yet, some are still strong and are being considered for redevelopment, leading to an improved real estate scenario in the metro. Now, if practicality has to be brought in here, one will want BMC to demolish illegal buildings to avert the untoward incident. But, in reality, the corporation seems to be lazy enough in acting upon the same, as the officials are demolishing only one such building per day.

Confused? Here's the calculation. Mumbai has a total of 24 wards and so far the BMC has demolished only 29 illegal buildings. It means, in a span of 13 months, the BMC has razed 11,413 illegal structures.

In order to stop the growing menace of hawkers and illegal structures, BMC commissioner Ajoy Mehta ordered to demolish them. And so, civic workers were able to demolish only 11,000 illegal structures in the period between April 2016 and April 2017 (13 months). During the demolition, BMC has razed 3,619 residential buildings, 2,506 commercial spaces and 5,288 huts.

Till date, illegal structures are mushrooming fearlessly in the city. If no action is taken then many of the Mumbaikars will lose their life owing to the BMC’s callous attitude.

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