Stray dogs will now be neutered, chips to be fastened to them

    Stray dogs will now be neutered, chips to be fastened to them
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    Every year, BMC spends crores of rupees to sterilise dogs; nonetheless, there is no drop in the count of dogs in the entire city. As a matter of fact, a lot of questions are raised onto the planning and the execution of the sterilisation plan sought by BMC. As a result, BMC has come up with a high-end solution to solve the problem. In order to have the up-to-the-minute information whether or not a particular dog has been neutered a chip will be fitted onto it. For this, a tender has been also released by BMC.

    Moreover, considering the increasing number of dogs in the city and the nuisance created by them, it was on 26 January back in the year 1994 when the process of neutering them was started so as to control their population. As per the figures received in the year 2014, the number of stray dogs in the city of Mumbai was 95 thousand, out of which 69, 239 were neutered. And then it was in the year 1998, that NGOs like Ahimsa, IDA, BSPCA, WSD started the sterilising process since then. And it was in 2016 that two more NGOs Utkarsh and UVA joined in the league. As per the data received from Public Wellness Department in 2016, more 11,929 dogs were sterilised.

    The process of sterilisation for this year has been under the supervision of the general manager. In this regard, when Dr Yogesh Shetye the general manager of the slaughter house was contacted, he clarified that although his department has been entrusted with the job of neutering the dogs, yet the project has not been approved by the administration so far.

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