Sky Walk in Dahisar shut down, goes fragile in just 8 years

Sky Walk in Dahisar shut down, goes fragile in just 8 years

The BMC has blocked the Sky Walk of Dahisar East and West, considering it has gone quite fragile. Apparently, this Sky Walk has been closed for the sake of the safety of the people. According to the news, the sky walk from Dahisar East SV Road Conference Hotel to Dahisar West Railway Station, Dahisar Phatak and Dahisar Vithal Temple, the MMRDA had built this sky walk 8 years ago spending crores of sums into it. And now in just 8 years, the condition of this bridge has become pathetic.

Two months ago some part of the Dahisar West Railway Station had collapsed. Also many this sky walk is in a damaged state. Given the safety of the people, the BMC R / North Department has closed this Sky Walk. But the work of the bridge has not even started yet. The sky walk had broken two months ago, yet it has not been repaired yet. Social worker Prakash Pujari has urged the State Government to get the Sky Walk repaired immediately. In this regard, Assistant Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Sandhya Nandedkar said that keeping in view of the damaged condition of the sky Walk, it has been stopped for safety reasons. It is now for the MMRDA to look into the matter for which the report has already been sent to it.

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