Western Railway to add extra containers with passenger trains to supply milk

Earlier, 25 milk tankers were brought by the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route from Gujarat but SSS workers blocked this tanker as well

Western Railway to add extra containers with passenger trains to supply milk

Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana's (SSS) protest is getting increasingly dire. The workers of the party are constantly blocking milk tankers from entering Mumbai. Due to the protest, millions of litres of milk is being wasted and also the people in the city can be adversely affected. So to aid the common people, the Western Railway has allowed the 59440 Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central passenger trains to carry milk for the next few days.

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The decision has been taken in order to keep the Mumbai residents unaffected from the protest. A container of 44,000-litre capacity will be added to the passenger train. Milk will be supplied in Mumbai by connecting this train with 12 containers. The Western Railways took to Twitter to announce the facility: 

Earlier in Kolhapur, Solapur, Pune and Amravati, SSS activists had broken milk tankers and poured milk on the road whereas, at some places, milk bags were thrown on the road. The purpose behind this protest is to prevent the supply of milk to Mumbai.

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But the milk supply in Mumbai is going on smoothly. In order to avoid breaking of milk tankers in the city, police have provided protection to every vehicle carrying milk in Mumbai.

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