Matunga FOB reopens after a week of safety checks

BMC decided to reopen the bridge after the civic bridges department submitted a report that an expansion joint was mistaken as a crack


Matunga railway station’s Foot Overbridge was reopened on Friday, almost a week after it was shut to the public. A report submitted by the BMC bridges department to the local ward office stated that an expansion joint was mistaken as a crack.

The pedestrian FOB that connects Matunga west railway station to Sant Vishveshwarya flyover was directed to be shut down by the Assistant municipal commissioner (G-north ward) Ashok Khairnar. BMC reopened the FOB on the basis of the submission of the report. Khairnar said that there the bridge poses no danger.

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According to civic officials, most bridges have expansion joints to enable continuous traffic between two structures and deal with temperature variation.

The Andheri bridge collapse instilled fear among citizens in Mumbai regarding FOBs in the city. Most bridges in the last one decade have witnessed traffic movement go up drastically. There are no checks if the structures can handle the weight of cables and heavy paver blocks put over them.

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