School employs students for currency change

School employs students for currency change

Bhandup – The black money holders have started employing different tricks after the announcement of demonisation of the high value currency notes. One such incident has surfaced from Amar Kor Vidyalaya in Bhandup. According to information, the school management has allegedly asked students to get the petty change for Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. Parents of these students are already under immense stress due to this problem and now their wards looking for petty change for their school has added into their woes. The school had collected SSC board exam fees from std X students in the month of October. There are 213 students in class 10 in this school and they had deposited Rs 500 notes. Now, the school management has given the excuse that these students are being asked to change their earlier deposited amount of exam fee. School director Maruti Mhatre has given a clever twist to this entire episode and said that the school had kept the exam fees in the school itself and now students can deposit this amount anytime. For the time being, the school will not let students’ academic year go waste, he claimed. It is to be mentioned here that the school had accepted exam fees in October itself and kept it in the school instead of depositing it with the concerned authorities.

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