The rhythm's gonna get you!


Bandra - If you think latka zatkas are only for women, stop to take a look at Mahesh, a 28-year-old IT professional.

Mahesh has enrolled in a workshop to learn the nuances of the lavni, a traditional dance form from Maharashtra. This lavni is known for its grace, rhythm and sensuality. Organised by Bhushan Korgaokar of Sangeetbari, a cultural platform to create awareness about the lavni, this 2-day workshop not only taught dance steps but also made participants familiar with the history of this dance form.
The lavni has for long been relegated to the fringes of folk dance in the state, but appears to be getting a shot in the arm in cities as well. Interestingly, it is not just Maharashtrians who are enthralled by this elegant as well as vigorous dance form. A sizeable portion of the workshop's participants were non-Maharashtrians who were mesmerised by its charm. In this workshop, Sangeet Natak academy winner Shakuntala Nagarkar guided the participants through the nuances of the lavni. They were also made familiar with the theory and history of this art. Participants also presented a performance at the end of this workshop.
For those who missed it, the workshop, held at Bandra, charged Rs 2000 per participant.

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