Trapped: Rajkummar Rao’s nerve-racking (1BHK) castaway.

Trapped: Rajkummar Rao’s nerve-racking (1BHK) castaway.

Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Geetanjali Thapa | Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Rating: 4/5

Being scared of something is a part of human nature and there are times when unfortunately one had to face the phobia, over and over again in a row. Trapped - the word in itself describes what the movie is about and it might seem as if the trailer has revealed a lot from the plot. But, thankfully, that is not the case. Vikramaditya Motwane’s recent release starring Rajkummar Rao is more about experiencing what Shaurya (Rao) goes through, that just watching or knowing it.

Some from a metro like Mumbai would understand the difficulty of managing life with the meager amount they’re paid at work – just like Shaurya who strives to keep himself happy despite the difficulties. He starts liking Noorie, a girl at work and to make their living better, decides to move to a new house. To his fate, he finds a flat on the 35th floor and becomes the only person living in the building. Day 2 in his new flat dawns. He gets ready to bring Noorie to the house, and that’s when destiny has something else for him. He gets trapped in the house. How does he come out? What all does he go through? How many days does it take? Well, find out by experiencing it with Shaurya.

Panic starts to take over as time passes by and you along with Shaurya might start experiencing a sense of claustrophobia. You’ll be forced to share the hallucinations, hunger, cluelessness, fear, thoughts, helplessness and much more. There are sequences where you might just want to shout and give an idea to help him. You’ll frown, squeak, and feel disgusted with the options he chooses to save himself from the moment.

The movie solely rides on Rao’s shoulders. His impeccable acting adds many moments throughout the film where one is forced to empathize for the situation he is in. Every element of the film - cinematography, expressions, acting, screenplay and music - is just perfect, and only strives to deliver the best experience.

On the contrary, you’ll also be forced to think about the smartness of a person. Who would dare to rent a house in an isolated apartment, especially in the city like Mumbai? Could he have waited for a day or two and arranged for a better house? Many such questions will pop-up in the heads. Easier said than done, but I’d advise you to try and leave them aside and unanswered. Too much of thinking there, will only ruin the 102 minute film, completely.

There is not much to write about this film, for revealing anything more is only going to take away a moment from the experience. Rao, Motwane and others in the team have delivered an exceptional survival thriller. All I can say is spare sometime, spend some money, and head to the cinemas near you. For once, experience the feeling of being ‘trapped’.