Activists Raise Concern Over BMC's Miyawaki Method For Plantation

Aditya Thackeray recently stated that 65 plots of the BMC will now have 400,000 plants of Indian origin planted in the Japanese Miyawaki method.

Activists Raise Concern Over BMC's Miyawaki Method For Plantation

The newly elected Environment and Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray recently stated that 65 plots of the BMC will now have 4,00,000 plants of Indian origin, which will be planted in the Japanese Miyawaki method. He further stated that this 'dream project' was initiated by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and the urban forests are the need of the hour. 

For those unaware, Miyawaki method was developed by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. It is a method to restore native forests from seeds of native trees on very degraded soils which were deforested. This process is done without using humus. However, according to Akira Miyawaki, there are several factors which ensure the success of this method. They are: 

  • Rigorous initial site survey and research of potential natural vegetation.
  • Identification and collecting of a large number of various native seeds, locally or nearby and in a comparable geoclimatic context.
  • Germination experimentation in a nursery

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According to Aarey activist Zoru Bathena, 

"Miyawaki seems to be the new flavour for BMC. The BMC should concentrate on few large plots and show the results before jumping into using this method everywhere. Plots with existing trees should be preserved and barren land should be used for other work, but BMC works the other way. They want to do plantation in barren land and cut down the existing trees, which makes no sense. Preservation and protection of the existing trees should be their first priority". 

Aarey activist Yash Marwah said, 

"I feel this is a way of showing how they are growing more "trees" than they are cutting. Can honey combs be made in this Miyawaki forest? Do rivers originate in it? I think they should call it Miyawaki Garden and go on with whatever they want and not 'greenwash' their environmental crimes."

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