UP has Yogi govt, Maha has ‘Nirupayogi’ govt: Uddhav

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    UP has Yogi govt, Maha has ‘Nirupayogi’ govt: Uddhav
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    Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday launched a severe criticism of the BJP-led State government. “Uttar Pradesh has a Yogi government while Maharashtra has a ‘Nirupayogi’ (useless) government,” he said by citing the plights of farmers in the state. “If anger of farmers is not quelled, there would be no need to drop a nuclear bomb in the country,” Thackeray commented. The Sena president was addressing party workers at Rangsharda auditorium on Wednesday.

    Here are few important points from Thackeray’s speech:

    Shiv Sena is not for power. It will automatically come to the party.

    We are ready for mid-term elections.

    Farmers’ condition is very bad now and if we speak for them people term it as opposition to the government.

    We do not blame the EVM machines for BJP’s electoral victories.

    EVMs have snatched the information from voters about his casted vote.

    BJP is making the party stronger but not the country.

    We congratulated the prime minister for UP poll victory but Goa results cannot be neglected.

    Congress party had not projected any face in Goa assembly election but it got four more seats than the BJP.

    Now, hospitals are being constructed for cows and even Aadhar card is proposed for them.

    Before polls, ‘Chai pe Charcha’ used to be held; now ‘Gai pe Charcha’ is underway.

    First save the country and then save the cow; If the country is saved we will save the cows.

    If monetization could have uprooted terrorism, terror would not have visited Kashmir again and Naxalites would have not attacked the government machinery.

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