Will these party PR offices continue to work after elections?

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    Mumbai - Public relations offices, that crucial last mile point of contact with the voter, have sprung up across the city in the last few days.

    Festooned with party paraphernalia, these PR offices, inaugurated in a rush, remind one of the floods in a drought affected area. Corporators preside over these offices during election time. They are all ears to all the woes of the voters, but as soon as the elections are over, they vanish like a dream.

    A candidate opens public relation offices at different places to address the problems of the people, but these are mirages that do not stand the test of time. Once the results are out, Mumbaikars will not find a single aspiring candidate in the office willing to listen to or solve their problems. Mumbai Live takes a close look at this problem that appears to hit Mumbai every five years.

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