Ever spent ₹18,500 per day on tea? The CM does according to Sanjay Nirupam

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis' office spent ₹3.4 crore for tea and water consumption in the year 2017-2018


Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam on Wednesday informed that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis consumes tea worth ₹18,500 on a daily basis, and this year the expenditure on his offices’ tea and water has been ₹3.4 crores.

Under the Right to Information Act (RTI), it is mentioned that in 2015-2016, the Chief Minister’s office spent ₹58 lakh on tea and for the year 2017-2018, the cost has increased to ₹3.4 crore which is a 577 per cent increase in the cost.

On one hand, the farmers are committing suicide because they cannot pay back their loans and on the other hand, the Chief Minister is spending so much on tea. It is not acceptable. What kind of tea does the Chief Minister consume that his office spends so much?” Nirupam criticised the CM. 

Comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Devendra Fadnavis on a common factor called "tea", Nirupam stated that the PM and CM, both are looting this country in the name of tea. He pointed out that BJP is a party of scams, said that the ruling party was heavily criticised for the rat scam and now the information about tea scam has come out.

Nirupam said that in these scams the money of the taxpayer is being misused and the commoners are being looted by the BJP. “The people of this country and state will not forgive the BJP government,” he added.

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