Parties unite to condemn action against illegal places of worship


Mumbai – The general body of BMC, on Monday strongly condemned action against places of worship of all religions. Corporators alleged that this action is causing animosity among all the religions. The meeting was adjourned after corporators across all political parties questioned civic officials' apathy in dealing with illegal hawkers and buildings instead.

BJP corporator Shrinivas Tripathi raised an objection to the proposed action against a Hanuman Mandir located at the Powai IIT Park since 1924. The BMC has issued a demolition notice to the trustees of this temple. Tripathi moved a motion asking why only Hindu shrines were being targeted.

BJP group leader Manoj Kotak said his party would oppose civic action against places of religious worship. He suggested that the mayor convene a special meeting to resolve this issue.
Samajwadi Party group leader Rais Shaikh also supported the objection of BJP corporators and said that his party would support the members of all religions if they hit the streets against such demolitions.

BJP’s Prabhakar Shinde said the civic administration would have to face the wrath of the public if it continues to act against religious places in the city. He demanded that this meeting should be adjourned to condemn the civic administration for its action. Congress group leader Ravi Raja brought out the confusion among the civic officers by giving example example from Ghatkopar.

NCP corporator Rakhi Jadhav said that civic officials are creating an aura of confusion among citizens. Temples are being built in foreign countries, but the reverse is happening in the city, she pointed out.

Former mayor Shraddha Jadhav said that corporators would have no moral right to sit in the house if they fail to save places of worship in the city.

Leader of the House, Yashwant Jadhav, said that there is a need to check the action of civic administration against religious places.

Kishori Pednekar, Shubhada Gudekar, Javed Juneja, Atul Shah, Rajani Keni, Vidyarthi Singh, Anil Patankar, Anil Kokil, Rita Makwana, Ramesh Korgaonkar and others also participated in the discussion and said that the mayor should take the initiative to stop the demolition of religious places.
As mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar accepted the point of objection, Jadhav suggested that the House be adjourned to condemn the civic administration. Accordingly, the mayor accepted this suggestion and adjourned the House.

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