With Ganpati @ Mantralaya

    With Ganpati @ Mantralaya
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    A family from Kerwade village, Sindhudurg sat in front of Mantralaya with Bappa's idol in their hands. Open pandal organised outside Mantralaya. Parmanand Hewalekar with his wife Pritam is sitting outside to seek justice. The family is kicked out of the village by Gram Panchayat. The reason for the punishment is that they have not paid extra payment of Gobar Gas subsidy. From 2013 onwards, they are staying at their daughter's house. Parmanad wished to set up idol in his home, but villagers didn't let him do that and kicked him out.

    So in order to seek justice, they are sitting outside mantralaya to meet CM Devendra Fadnavis. Time will tell will they be given justice or not?

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