Railways introduces advanced technique to avoid derailment

ATES system has been installed on the Delhi-Mumbai railway line and is being put to a test

Railways introduces advanced technique to avoid derailment

Western Railway has initiated on an innovative technique which can help prevent accidents on railway tracks. With this new innovative technique, motormen will be notified beforehand regarding the derailment of the train, in cases of a possibility.

As per the new innovative technique, railways have installed Automatic Train Examination System (ATES) on the Delhi-Mumbai railway line. This system will monitor the running train and will send its technical report to the control room.  

This advanced system will analyse the friction of the train wheels against the tracks and the information will be provided regarding any problems with the breaks or engine, to the loco pilot. This can help the officials to remain alert. However, currently this system is being put to test and if the results are successful, it will be installed on the railway tracks. 

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ATES has high-resolution HD sensor cameras, which will collect footage of the train passing at a speed of 70 km in the form of a screenshot. It can also take pictures during night time or bad weather.

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