ST begins the Smart Card initiative for senior citizens

After several people started carrying fake passes allotted for senior citizens, the State Transport Corporation decided to begin the Smart Card initiative

ST begins the Smart Card initiative for senior citizens

Senior citizens in Maharashtra can now travel cashless in State Transport (ST) buses as the ST Corporation has introduced the Smart Card initiative. Accordingly, the senior citizens would not have to carry cash with them during the journey through ST buses.

The initiative was brought after several people went on to make fake passes and used it to misuse the benefits offered to the senior citizens. Therefore, the smart card will ensure that senior citizens only can be benefitted from the initiative.

The pass for senior citizens looks like a usual ST bus pass and so, the chances of duplicating the pass are high. Therefore, the new digital pass, i.e. Smart Card, will be verified pass and can only be given to senior citizens.

Thus, now the senior citizens will have to go to the reservation window and register for the Smart Card. The beneficiaries will have to submit Identity Proof to receive the card and will have to pay a fee of ₹55. After which, similar to Aadhar Card, the officials would create the card by taking a thumb impression.