Railway tracks in 17 Railway zones to be monitored by drones

After the Railways in Uttar Pradesh received a threatening letter, the railways decided to increase the safety of the track further.


The Multi Agency Center (MAC) has briefed all the security agencies for a few days, that ISIS has threatened terrorising the country without using any weapon or any major bomb. After that, in Uttar Pradesh, Railways received a threatening letter, due to which the Railways has decided to increase the safety of the track. For the safety of the tracks, the Railways have now decided to take the help of a drone to monitor the track.

A senior railway official said that the Railways will now take the help of a drone to supervise the tracks. The track status will be monitored with the help of drones. Millions of people travel by local trains daily and in order to ensure the safety of all railway passengers is an important responsibility for the railway administration. 

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During the summer, the Railway leaves an inch of space between the joints of tracks, to avoid an incident of any kind. However, the terrorists can cause accidents by putting cement or stones in the gap of tracks leading to a catastrophic accident. So, the Railways will counter any such mishap by using drones.

Any activity on the track can be monitored by using drones, all of which can be viewed comfortably sitting in the control room. Along with this, the incidents of shooting gangs and mobile theft can also be closely monitored. In January, the Railways ran a trial drone at Jabalpur, Bhopal and Kota stations.

They have decided to take help from drones in 17 railway zones across the country.

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