Bombay HC slams Mumbai University over disorganised law examinations

The students had earlier protested against the new pattern by filing an online petition against the firm through However, since the authorities paid no heed, the students went ahead to file a petition in Bombay High Court.

Bombay HC slams Mumbai University over disorganised law examinations

After repeated instances of chaos amid Mumbai University's (MU) law examinations, Bombay High Court slammed the educational institution saying that if the situation isn’t going to change, the university must shut down. The court expressed its disappointment while hearing a petition filed by the Law students on Friday. 

Earlier, the university had introduced a new pattern for its Law course which consisted of a 60:40 format. The pattern saw a strong opposition from the law students and several student organisations but the authorities were firm on their decision. After which, the Student Law Council President Sachin Pawar had filed a petition against the pattern in Bombay HC. 

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Earlier, Pawar had filed an online petition through and more than 860 students agreed to sign the petition favouring to scrap the new pattern.

Meanwhile, a hearing for the matter will now be held on Monday and accordingly, the court asked MU to give an explanation during the next hearing. According to the Central University Grants Commission (UGC), Mumbai University introduced the rank category system.

However, there has been no fixed method for the same as it has been changed several times in the past several years. As per the new marking scheme, students need to secure a minimum 18 marks in the 60-mark examination whereas 12 marks have been set as passing marks in the 40-mark examination.

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