Fuel Price Hike: Modi government withdraws from its responsibility; criticises opposition for protesting

Modi government has criticised the opposition for inciting negative thinking among the people and resorting to violence while protesting against the hike in fuel prices

Fuel Price Hike: Modi government withdraws from its responsibility; criticises opposition for protesting

Fuel prices across the country are rocketing sky high and the opposition parties have taken over the streets protesting in a nation-wide strike against Modi government over the massive hike in petrol and diesel prices. The central government is the highest authority which needs to be accountable to commoners in this matter.  

However, the central government seems to have surrendered as Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Monday said that it is not in their hands to control the hike in petrol and diesel prices.

While addressing a press conference in New Delhi, the Union Minister seemed insensitive towards the problem that the common man is facing due to the inflation in fuel prices. Moreover, Prasad criticised the opposition for restoring to “shameful violence”.

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The fuel prices have been constantly rising; in Mumbai, the petrol is being sold at ₹88.12 and diesel’s price is ₹77.32. The general budget of the commoners has been affected due to the same. Also, with the hike in fuel prices, the price of essential commodities is also increasing which amounts to inflation across the market.  

Congress, earlier, announced for a Bharat Bandh across the country to dissent against the union government. However, the protests were supposed to be peaceful but in some areas, it has taken a violent turn and its repercussions are the destruction of public property. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has blamed Congress for “inciting negative thinking among the people”. 

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Backing away from the responsibility, Prasad said that the oil price in the international market is increasing leading to increase of fuel prices across the country.

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