Woman tries committing suicide outside Mantralaya

In the past seven months, various people committed suicide in and around Mantralaya


On Wednesday, a woman tried to commit suicide outside Mantralaya by pouring kerosene on herself. In the meantime, security guards and policemen, who were present at the spot, were able to stop her from putting herself on fire. Maine Drive police are investigating the case.

39-year-old Alka Karande is a Usmanabad resident tried committing suicide owing to a moneylender’s harassment.

Suicide cases and attempts 

- Three months ago, farmer Dnyaneshwar Salve threatened to commit suicide by climbing the Mantralaya building. He had suffered losses after cotton and soybean prices crashed and so in order to protest he climbed the building

- Dharma Patil was a farmer and he consumed pesticide on January 22 at Mantralaya and died on January 28 at JJ Hospital. He did so after he could not meet ministers to discuss the issue of inadequate compensation given to him for his land.

- On Thursday, February 8, 2018, 44-year-old murder convict Harshal Raote committed suicide by jumping off the fifth floor of the building. He was out on a month-long parole and the period was ending on Thursday. Police find a suicide note in which he had mentioned that he was unhappy with the jail sentence and wanted help from the State Home Department. 

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