Palghar bypoll elections: BJP Rajendra Gavit wins the election

Congress leader Rajendra Gavit who joined BJP won the Palghar elections by 40,000 votes defeating Shiv Sena candidate Srinivas Wanga

Palghar bypoll elections: BJP Rajendra Gavit wins the election

Political parties contented in recently held bypolls at four Lok Sabha assembly constituencies, one of which is Palghar and Bhandara-Gondiya in Maharashtra. In today’s political scenario, parties have been trying hard to win seats. Narendra Modi led Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has created a certain image amongst the public and it has become crucial for the party to maintain the lead. The bypolls will serve as a testimony to the united opposition.

The bypolls were held right after the Karnataka state elections where the centre’s competing opposition, Congress recently formed an alliance with JDS, putting BJP at a weak spot.

The elections witnessed a clash between two prominent parties of the state, BJP, and Shiv Sena. Around 53.22 per cent voter turnout was observed in the bypolls. It is said that the results will also have a direct effect on Uddhav Thackeray-led Shiv Sena’s entry in 2019 general elections as an independent contender. The elections were held post the death of BJP MP Chintaman Wanaga.


Not only the state but the whole world was anxiously waiting for the Palghar election results. Everyone who was anticipating about the end result, the Bharatiya Janata Party proved their mettle and claimed the throne in Palghar by defeating their rival party, Shiv Sena. Congress leader Rajendra Gavit who joined BJP won the Palghar elections by 40,000 votes defeating Shiv Sena candidate Srinivas Wanga who secured second place and Bahujan Vikas Aghadi’s candidate Baliram Jadhav secured third place.

The Palghar elections became controversial for two major reasons- BJP and Shiv Senas tug-of-war and EVM machines which got shut down.

This is how it all started...

BJP lost one seat in Palghar Lok Sabha constituency with BJP MP Chintaman Wanga’s unexpected death. However, after his death, it was expected that BJP offers a ticket to Wanga’s son Srinivas Wanga but nothing of this sort happened. This made Srinivas Wanga furious who decided to join Shiv Sena and fight against BJP for Palghar Lok Sabha constituency seat. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Rajendra Gavit who felt ignored by the Congress party joined BJP party.

BJP was then hurt by Srinivas Wanga’s decision

Srinivas Wanga’s joining Shiv Sena did not go well with BJP who left no opportunity in taking a dig at Srinivas Wanga in every rally be it CM Devendra Fadnavis or Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. When all of this was taking place, it was confirmed that Shiv Sena and BJP will not leave a chance to pull down each other.

However, amidst all this, Bahujan Vikas Aghadi chief Hitendra Thakur, who has a good hold in Vasai, Virar, and Nallasopara, made everything difficult for BJP and SS by giving a ticket to Baliram Jadhav. Congress too stepped in and gave a ticket to Damu Shingda for the namesake as it was clear that they would not survive in front of SS and BJP’s strong candidates.

Yogi Adityanath criticised Shiv Sena

BJP who was hurt by Wanga’s decision decided that they would win bypoll elections by all means. Right from Maha CM to all right-wing leaders visited Palghar prior to bypoll elections. Just to be sure, the BJP brought UP CM Yogi Adityanath to conduct a rally. Along with this, SS president Uddhav Thackeray and Yuva Sena president Aditya Thackeray too conducted rallies.

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Shiv Sena caught BJP red-handed while distributing money

During the rallies, Shiv Sena party workers caught BJP party workers red-handed while distributing money to buy votes. Likewise, SS too released a clip of CM Fadnavis in the rally and tried targeting CM. In the released clip, CM was heard saying that BJP candidates should win the elections by hook or crook. But to SS dismay, they failed to hamper BJP’s image.

Controversy over EVM machines

Post voting, another controversy made the headlines and that was EVM machines, which got shut down during voting and both SS and BJP started targeting each other. SS alleged that it was BJP’s doing to win elections with a wrong means. Also, at the end of the voting day, the state election commission declared that 46.50 per cent voting was registered but on the very second day, the SEC announced that the actual voting registered was 53.22 per cent. This made SS MP Sanjay Raut furious who compared the state election commission with a prostitute and commented that votes can increase by 1 or 2 per cent but overnight 6.72 per cent i.e. 82,000 votes increased.

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Cheating or voting?

After all these controversies, the BJP managed to win Palghar elections but its rival party SS are blaming the former for cheating and winning. SS leaders are taking a dig at BJP by commenting that they won because of 82,000 votes.

Division of votes

It is being said that Shiv Sena, Bahujan Vikas Aghadi, and Communist Party made the winning easy for BJP party and difficult for SS party itself. In 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidate Chintaman Wanga had defeated Bahujan Vikas Aghadi candidate Baliram Jadhav with 5,33,201 votes. Then, only because Shiv Sena and BJP fought together, it was easy to capture Palghar. But in bypoll elections, Wanga family who got furious challenged BJP. This resulted in the division of votes which benefitted the BJP party who ultimately won the elections.